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July 26, 2011


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Content and Subject Matter

Preferred Subjects
:bulletblack:Natural (quad/feral) animals
:bulletblack:Non-humanoid fantasy creatures
:bulletblack:Natural and fantasy backgrounds
:bulletblack:Mild blood or violence

Iffy Subjects
I will absolutely attempt any of the below subjects, but please note that I do not consider myself proficient at them! As such, you may be better off commissioning someone with a higher degree of skill than I possess if any of these are what you are looking for.
:bulletblack:City/urban scenes
:bulletblack:Humans and creatures with humanoid anatomy (weres, furries, etc)
:bulletblack:Vehicles, mechs, and robots
:bulletblack:Mild sexuality/nudity (same sex relationships are fine)

Prohibited Subjects
I reserve the right to refuse any commission with subject matter or content that I dislike or am uncomfortable with, which may include, but is not limited to, any of the following:
:bulletred:Disney characters 
:bulletred:Strong political or religious themes
:bulletred:Nationalist or racist propaganda
:bulletred:Graphic sexual themes
:bulletred:Fetish material (e.g., inflation, vore)

Commission Types and Prices

Roulette Commission

These are commissions where the commissioner provides a reference or physical description for their character(s), and I provide the rest! I will choose the pose, expression, mood, medium, and background (if applicable). I may ask for information about the character's history or personality to develop ideas. The prices for these commissions are much lower than my regular commissions; as such, special rules apply. I DO NOT offer corrections or redraws for this commission type, other than to correct mistakes that I have made in the character's design as originally specified by the commissioner, nor do I offer refunds once the commission is complete. If you want a specific pose, theme, or mood for your commission, please request a regular commission instead of a roulette. I do guarantee that the commission will be a traditional media piece with a background, and the original can be shipped to you.

:bulletblack:ACEO (2.5" X 3.5") – US$ 10
:bulletblack:3" X 4" – US$ 18
:bulletblack:6" X 9" – US$ 32, + US$ 10 each for additional characters
:bulletblack:9" X 12" – US$ 48, + US$ 15 each for additional characters
Other sizes may be available; please ask for pricing
Some examples of past roulette commissions can be found here:…

Custom Character Creation

Squiddy by MoonsongWolfBrink by MoonsongWolfNautilus by MoonsongWolf

I will design a character for you based on your specifications. You may choose the level of creative control that I have over the designing process. Your custom character will have a full body view (as pictured above). The character will be coloured with coloured pencils and have either no background or a slight colour wash (at my discretion). Custom character creation base price allows you to specify the following for your character: breed/species, name, gender, personality, and theme or occupation (e.g., "ice," "celestial," "adventurer"). You may also choose whether you want a colour pallet that is mostly natural, semi-natural, or unnatural. Please note that I will ONLY create quad/feral animal characters! No humans or animals with humanoid body types.

:bulletblack:Base Price: US$ 28 for 6" X 9" or US$ 36 for 8.5" X 11"
:bulletblack:Specify Colour Scheme/Pattern - +US$ 4
:bulletblack:Specify Accessories - +US$ 4 per accessory
:bulletblack:Duo Partner (a smaller animal companion for your first animal) - +US$ 6
If you choose to commission another image (either roulette or regular) from me of the custom character(s) that I create for you, I will offer a 15% discount less shipping on that commission.

Pencil/Ink Lineart

Sketches: More Rats and Tigers by MoonsongWolfLottery Sketches by MoonsongWolfLeaping Feline Concept Sketch by MoonsongWolf

Drawings may be in either pencil (sketchy appearance) or brush pen ink (smooth appearance) as per commissioner's request. You may colour your lineart as long as no profit is being generated from it (e.g., selling adoptables), and I am credited for the lines. Lineart drawings do not include background.

:bulletblack:8.5" X 11" Xerox paper – US$ 10, + US$ 5 each for additional characters
:bulletblack:9" X 12" Bristol smooth or vellum paper - US$ 14,  + US$ 7 each for additional characters

Stylized Traditional

The Offering by MoonsongWolfExit Strategy by MoonsongWolfArbiters of Fate by MoonsongWolf

Available Mediums: Watercolour, ink, and/or wine
These will be on either Strahmore Bristol vellum or watercolour paper

:bulletblack:ACEO (2.5" X 3.5") – US$ 16
:bulletblack:3" X 4" – US$ 28
:bulletblack:6" X 9" – US$ 40, +US$ 20 for background, +US$ 15 each for additional characters
:bulletblack:9" X 12" – US$ 60, +US$ 30 for background, +US$ 20 each for additional characters
Other sizes may be available; please ask for pricing

Semi-realistic Traditional

Sentry of the Pathless Woods by MoonsongWolfThe Space Between Dreams by MoonsongWolfJewels of the Earth by MoonsongWolf

Available Mediums: Gouache, acrylic, or coloured pencil
These will be on Strathmore Bristol smooth paper

:bulletblack:ACEO (2.5" X 3.5") – US$ 20
:bulletblack:3" X 4" – US$ 34
:bulletblack:6" X 9" – US$ 50, +US$ 30 for background, +US$ 20 each for additional characters
:bulletblack:9" X 12" – US$ 75, +US$ 40 for background, +US$ 30 each for additional characters
Other sizes may be available; please ask for pricing

Photo Manipulation

Hold On To This Moment by MoonsongWolfHope by MoonsongWolfAfrican Lion: Simba by MoonsongWolf

My photo manipulations consist of a combination of photographs and painted imagery. I may or may not be able to accept a specific photo manipulation commission based on the availability of photos for the subject or background.  Also, be aware that some degree of artistic liberty must be taken with these. All photos used in the generation of the photo manipulation will be cleared through the commissioner first, to ensure the highest likelihood of generating a final image that the commissioner will be pleased with. I can also work with images provided by the commissioner (e.g., a photo of their pet), and a small discount may apply in that case.

:bulletblack:Headshot with simple/blurred background – US$ 25, +US$ 8 each for additional characters
:bulletblack:Full body shot with simple/blurred background – US$ 35, +US 12 each for additional characters

Shipping and Handling

For most flat art items 9" X 12" and smaller, I will ship anywhere in the world at the following rates: US$ 6 to Canada, US$ 8 to the US, and US$ 10 anywhere else international. These rates are for Canada Post ground shipment and DO NOT include insurance (as of 2013). I also offer reduced priced shipping for ACEO items: US$ 1 to Canada, US$ 2 for the US, and US$ 3 anywhere else international. The reduced ACEO shipping prices DO NOT include insurance. If you would like insurance on your item, please be aware that Canada Post will require the purchase of tracking on the package, which generally starts at around $15 and increases depending on location. If you would like your item insured, you will need to request a quote from me. BE AWARE THAT I AM NOT LIABLE FOR ITEMS LOST IN THE MAIL IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE INSURANCE AND TRACKING!

Payment Methods

For regular commissions less than US$ 30 (before shipping) and all roulette commissions, I require the entire payment before I will begin your commission. For regular commissions greater than US$ 30 (before shipping), I require half of the price less shipping before I will begin your commission. The second half must be paid after the sketch has been approved for colouring.

I accept Paypal, Canadian cheques, and international money orders. Please note that money orders and cheques will take 7-10 business days to process before your commission will be started. Please DO NOT send cash in the mail. I do not assume liability if it is lost or stolen while in route.

If you are paying via paypal, you MUST send the payment as a payment for "goods." Do NOT send it as a gift, money owed, or a payment for "services." You do not need to cover Paypal's fees. I will do this. 

Commission Process

Length of time until your commission is complete varies widely depending on my schedule and how complex the commission is. I can provide estimates, if necessary. I keep my current completion status listed on my main page at all times, but you are absolutely free to note me any time for updates on your commission. I can even provide low resolution scans of my current progress upon request.

Redraws, Alterations, and Cancellations

For regular commissions that require a sketch to be approved before colouring, the commissioner is allowed two corrections (redraws) during the sketch phase. Please note that these must fit within the commissioner's original request. For example, a commissioner who requests a drawing of a wolf laying down may not ask for a correction in which the wolf is leaping. Changes to the original request that result in complete redraws or more than two corrections will incur an additional fee. This fee will be commensurate with my prices for pencil sketches/lineart.

Once the commission is complete, I will make any corrections if I have made mistakes. For example, if I have missed a marking specified on a reference sheet, I will add it in. Please note that these must be things that the commissioner initially requested (either in writing or on a reference image that was given to me) that I have neglected to include or exclude. If the commissioner makes alterations to the design after the commission has been completed, I do not guarantee that I will be able to correct the image. However, I will certainly try my best, so do not be afraid to ask!

Commissions may be cancelled at any time, either by me or by the commissioner. Should I cancel a commission at any time during the process, I will refund the entire price paid for the commission, less any fees charged by the payment provider (e.g., paypal fees or the price of purchasing a money order). The commissioner will receive any work pertaining to the commission that I have completed up to that point. Should the commissioner choose to cancel the commission, a refund will be given based upon the amount of work that has been already been completed on the commission. For example, if the commissioner requests a cancellation approximately halfway through the colouring stage, then the commissioner will be refunded the commission amount minus the price of the sketch and half of the colouring. The commissioner may choose to either have shipping refunded or have the incomplete artwork and related items mailed to them.

Holds and Waiting Lists

I do NOT hold spots without a deposit or utilize a waiting list. I have tried this in the past, and it simply did not work out! 


Please ask if anything in my terms of service is unclear! I will be happy to answer any question that you might have.
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Tenne-the-Aussi Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
waiting list sorry.
Tenne-the-Aussi Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can i be in the waithing list?
MoonsongWolf Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Not a problem at all, I just added you! :)
ZombieHun Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
or more than two corrections will occur an additional fee. I think you meant to say "incur"
MoonsongWolf Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
Yes! Thank you, and corrected. Tucking fypos! :lol:
ZombieHun Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that wasn't a type-o :P but its okay...I couldn't recall the actual word of 'circumvent' when I was discussing something with a friend and i ended up saying 'circumcise' oh what a tangle of words we weave when we don't know what we actually meant to say :P
MoonsongWolf Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
Oh no, I knew the original word, I just fat-fingered it into something else. So isn't that still considered a typographical error, even if it's misspelled? I thought that "errors of ignorance" only applied to misspellings where you actually believe that your misspelling is correct? I could totally be wrong, though. Editing is not my forte. :B
ZombieHun Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i thought misspellings were just that, but misuse of a word is grammar issue me thinks. it matters not, get your monies! :D
MattsyKun Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whenever you open your commissions, I'm getting one. It's within my price range and you have awesome art!
MoonsongWolf Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012
Aw, thank you for the kind compliment! I'm really glad that you enjoyed my work. :) I do have a waiting list, and I can add you to it, if you like. There's no obligation to actually get a commish, it just means that I will let you know when there is a spot open.
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