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Submitted on
May 31, 2010


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Big Cat Photography & Artwork Contest

Winners Announcement and Features

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce the winners for the Big Cat Photography & Artwork Contest. Thank you very much to those who have followed this contest, to those who have participated in this contest and to those who have been kind enough to donate prizes and journal/blog features. We are extremely thankful and appreciative for everything. Our judges have worked very hard to put this contest together to show love, appreciation and respect toward the big cats who deserve all of that and so much more. We have done our absolute best to ensure that everything has been done as fairly as possible and that no one person wins more than one prize (with the exception of Individual Species Overall Winners since that is an extension to the main Individual Species winners). And so, without further ado...

Winners will be contacted within 24-48 hours. Journal entry code will be sent out as soon as possible to those who are featuring the winners on their journals and group blogs.

  Judging Photography                 Judging Artwork      

:icontvd-photography: :iconhecklinghyena: :iconwildbydesign:       :iconmoonsongwolf: :iconvalhalrion: :iconiwuskittles:

1st Place - Best Overall Big Cat

Lion cub on a tree by Tygrik       Je Maintiendrai by ArdenEllenNixon
        Tygrik                          ArdenEllenNixon
Photography                          Artwork

2nd Place - Runner Up

Sky Gazing by Shadow-and-Flame-86       :thumb148465430:
        Shadow-and-Flame-86             cantabile-reaper         
Photography                          Artwork

3rd Place - Individual Species Winners

Best Lion

Face of the Huntress by pinballwitch A Lion's Love by Tsebresos Karakha by julianehahn
       pinballwitch                     Tsebresos                  julianehahn 
Photography                      Traditional                      Digital

Best Tiger

Tigris. by Anoya Royal Snooze, charcoal by Panthera11 Earth in my paws by Lirulin-yirth
     Anoya                         Panthera11               Lirulin-yirth     
Photography                      Traditional                      Digital      

Best Jaguar

Out Of The Dark by Kittyoholic Intensity of the Jaguar by cloudstar-wolf A blank thumbnail by deviantCSS
     Kittyoholic         cloudstar-wolf                             
         Photography          Traditional      Digital (no entries)      

Best Cougar

Leaping Lion by FantasticFennec Cougar by AngelMC18 Florida Panther Painting by Bezumiye
     FantasticFennec                  AngelMC18                         Bezumiye           
Photography                      Traditional                             Digital     

Best Leopard

Intensity by Chaotica-I Panthera pardus by Kuroi-kisin Hypnotized by KaytanaPhoenix
     Chaotica-I                      Kuroi-kisin                     KaytanaPhoenix      
Photography                      Traditional                             Digital         

Best Cheetah

:thumb139356092: Eye to eye by NoreyDragon :thumb159599312:
  DeeOtter                  NoreyDragon                       Feline-icity      
Photography                  Traditional                              Digital          

Best Snow Leopard

Silver Serenity by tleach0608 Spiral Chimes by Kitsune-Seven For the Snow Leopard by Zairianara
      tleach0608               Kitsune-Seven       Zairianara 
  Photography                   Traditional              Digital

Best Other Wild Cats

It's delicious by xSchattenkindx :thumb164202949: :thumb164768600:
xSchattenkindx              Crazy4Wolfs                     VannaSig         
Photography                  Traditional                          Digital        

Individual Species Overall Winners

(selected from the Individual Species winners above)

Leaping Lion by FantasticFennec Intensity of the Jaguar by cloudstar-wolf Earth in my paws by Lirulin-yirth
  FantasticFennec     cloudstar-wolf         Lirulin-yirth    
Photography           Traditional                Digital    

Best Action Shot - Photography Only

Tiger attack by AF--Photography

Best Display of Emotion - Artwork Only

Tiger Love by QueenGwenevere

Honorable Mentions

Pride by Dominic-vd-Ruit i dare you by xthumbtakx The King and His Thoughts by DaytonaBlue64Impala
The Kings Queen by CaelariaHarte Sumatran Tiger by amrodel In The Jungle by SChildersPhotography
.:Water Tiger:. by WhiteSpiritWolf On the prowl by jo-i

:thumb154902997: Jungle Jewel by Lionsong Tiger Eye by AquaOrca
Tiger, Tiger burning bright by ishkamoo Snow Play by sidneyeileen Thriller and Sabu by Dk-Raven
Uncia by Annushkathesetter :thumb121085703: Ocelot Looking Up by Dremagon

There were so many incredible entries for both photography and artwork that truly deserve recognition and to be admired by anyone who loves big cats. If you appreciate big cats like we do, please take the time to have a look through all of the wonderful deviations that were entered into the contest collection folders below.

Photography Entries:…
Artwork Entries:…

Love, appreciate and respect the Big Cats!
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